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Phi Series Plugin Φ2

Phi Series Plugin Φ2

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The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin is the recommended minimum EMF protection for small towns and rural areas where exposure to EMF radiation is low to moderate.

Phi Series Φ2 Plugin

The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin has been recently updated and comes standard with our latest dual-band scalar output, which helps protect the body from modern forms of electromagnetic radiation. This model is the upgrade and redesign of our previous entry level, mono band Plugin model. It is suited to rural or suburban areas with low to medium EMF levels.

For instance, if you are within 1km or line of sight of a cell phone tower, smart meters or a large number of Wi-Fi routers then you will want a Blushield Phi Series Φ3. (Check out the Canadian Antenna Search website, or Rogers 5G Map to zoom into your area and find out where those towers are).

The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin model comes in a low-profile Black and White ABS plastic case that plugs into the mains socket to operate. The installed plug type is the US type plug. The plug head adapters are interchangeable and 4 plug types are available for this model, 2 of which are included in the package. This Plugin model protects an area up to 45 meters in every direction and is suitable for areas exposed to medium levels of 5G. The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin will operate from 100 to 240 volts without a power adapter or voltage conversion adapter as this function is already built into the device.

The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin model is ideal for homes, small offices and areas where a medium sized area needs to be protected from medium levels of 5G. For higher levels of 5G we recommend the  Phi Series Φ3 model, which covers twice the area than the Phi Series Φ2 Plugin at twice the power.

The Phi Series Φ2 Plugin only uses 7 Watts of power, so the cost to run it is very minimal. The Plugin can be plugged into a central location or allow 1 Plugin per floor for better coverage. It is as simple as plugging it into a dedicated wall socket mains outlet and keep it on 24/7. Do not use this model in wet areas or touch the power pins after removing from the socket as there is risk of minor electric shock.

Kindly read through our Blushield Product Guide from our friends at Blushield USA to determine if the Phi Series Φ2 Plugin, or one of our other home units, is the optimal choice for your living situation.

We recommend you purchase one of our Blushield Portables for use between protected zones. This will maintain your level of protection while traveling to and from your protected zones.

Phi Series Φ2 Plugin Features:

  • Designed for homes and small offices
  • Offers Medium area protection from 5G
  • Mains powered
  • Plug and play installation
  • Coverage 45m or about 147 feet in all directions
  • Small size… 90mm x 30mm x 40mm (approx 3.1 x 1 x 1.5 inches)
  • Weight 75g or 2.6 ounces
  • Power consumption 7W
  • Multiple scalar waveform output and dual band carrier signal
  • Comes in 4 plug types (US and AU included)


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