Minimize EMF

Minimizing Your EMF

Remember the body responds to the strongest influence nearest the body. We want to make sure that the Blushield is the strongest influence so the body can respond only to it and not some very powerful EMF from some electronic device that you may happen to have near you or sleep with.

Avoid Cellphone Towers

Cellphone towers emit strong EMF radiation so it’s best to keep far away from them where possible. For example, ask which cell phone towers are present in an area before you consider moving there. However, while keeping clear of these towers is sound advice for many, it can be difficult to achieve. In such cases, Blushield offers active devices that will help keep you and others safe and well in your home or place of work.

Limit Computer Usage

Computers are common household items, and they are also found in offices and other workplaces worldwide. But while computers are valuable tools that help us work productively or enjoy the entertainment options they offer, they unfortunately emit high levels of EMF radiation.

Anybody who uses computers regularly should try to limit their use as much as possible. This includes turning yours off and stepping away when you’re finished working, instead of hanging around on social media, etc.


Move Your Phone Away From Your Bed

Most of us will keep our mobile phones close by when sleeping, whether to hear calls or for the alarm. And we’re likely to keep them fairly close to our heads, leaving us vulnerable to the EMF radiation they produce. Instead of leaving your phone close to your bed, you should try leaving it somewhere else overnight instead. If you still need a morning alarm, you’ll find plenty of options that are EMF-free.

The chances are that you have multiple devices in your home that can emit or contribute to EMF radiation. Taking precautionary steps will help limit your exposure to this radiation even if they don’t eliminate your exposure altogether.

Don't Use Spring Mattresses

You don’t need a power supply for a spring mattress, but that doesn’t mean they don’t contribute to EMF radiation symptoms. In fact, the coiled metal spring can amplify existing EMF signals, such as those coming from your bedside clock. This is bad news for some people, especially considering we lay close to our mattresses for around 8 hours or more every day.

You can try choosing foam mattresses instead to prevent signal amplification while it’s also a good idea to leave space between your bed and any devices you use.

Don't Sit Too Close To The TV

Among the most common causes of EMF radiation issues comes from our TVs. Not only do these devices emit strong signals, but we also tend to spend a long time sitting in front of one. As such, it’s recommended to keep a reasonable distance between your TV chair and the TV.

TVs also emit a lot of blue light that can affect sleeping patterns, which is another good reason to turn yours off and maybe read a book an hour or two before going to bed. Another downside of TVs is that they can encourage inactive lifestyles.

While watching TV is fine in moderation, there are many reasons to avoid sitting in front of one for too long. You should also try and ensure yours is always switched off when it’s not being used.

Place Wi-Fi Routers Carefully

Access to the internet is essential for countless people worldwide, whether for work or personal use. As such, millions of homes use Wi-Fi routers for convenience, although these devices will bring EMF radiation into your home. With this in mind, it’s best to try and keep them away from busy areas in your home, preferably in a spare room where possible.