EMF Protection Expert Interviews Mark Langdon of Blushield

Lloyd Burrell, world-renowned EMF protection expert interviews Mark Langdon, Blushield’s Founder and CEO on the history and benefits of Blushield EMF protection products. In this video interview with Mark Langdon, learn more about the following: 
  • Blushield devices emit a wide broadband field of frequencies which can help normalize the body in only 6 weeks time of use
  • A range of Blushield devices that can be used to protect users from the higher frequencies of 5G
  • Even though Blushield does not describe its products as directly therapeutic customers have found to have more energy, better sleep, fewer colds and flu and be less susceptible to viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.
  • Blushield can help benefit those who are  electro-magnetically hypersensitive (EHS) to EMF radiation. Not everyone will notice the change because that becomes the ‘new normal’.
  • All Electromagnetic Fields have a scalar component and it’s the scalar component of Electromagnetic Fields that potentially can cause damages to your DNA.
  • Blushield technology uses photons to produce a beneficial scalar field, minus the EMF, by amplifying the imitated signals from nature using an overlay of microprocessed natural frequencies such as the Fibonacci sequence and Phi ratio frequencies.
  • Blushield has shown changes in blood (less oxidation) and the cell membrane within their animal studies and cell analysis
  • Electromagnetic Field radiation can cause the body to act like it’s being invaded by an unseen virus causing an immune response
Thank you to Lloyd Burrell and Electric Sense for the interview. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Blushield products, be sure to contact us today or check out our Blog article on "Which Blushield EMF device is right for me?"
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