Analysis of Live Blood Cells

EMF Damage to Cells Revealed in Blood Tests

Many people complain of the unpleasant symptoms they can experience from exposure to EMF radiation. What many don’t realize is that in addition to the symptoms, radiation can also affect the health of your red blood cells which are essential for oxygenating your body.

We found a volunteer to help us demonstrate the harm EMF radiation can cause with blood tests before and after using our products. The male volunteer was frequently exposed to EMF radiation and led a fairly unhealthy lifestyle.

Our volunteer gave us a blood sample and then used Blushield products to help protect him from 5G and other EMF signals. He was asked not to make any lifestyle changes during the test period. We tested his blood again 2 months later and the results showed a remarkable improvement.

Cell Ghosting Before Using Blushield

Our volunteers’ blood tests from before they started using Blushield showed that they had become so weak that they exploded. This phenomenon is known medically as ghosting. Our testers witnessed some cells disappear as they were undertaking their analysis.

Healthier Blood Cells After Using Blushield

The volunteer, unfortunately, developed a cold when the time came to provide their ‘after using Blushield’ samples. We went ahead despite the subject feeling ill, but the tests still showed a remarkable improvement.

Crystallization Before Using Blushield

The subject’s blood cells were grouped abnormally and had irregular shapes, which may affect their efficiency at carrying oxygen. Our testers also noted some of the cells were crystallizing, which will also impede the patient’s ability to get enough oxygen.

No Crystallization After Using Blushield

The ‘after’ blood tests revealed healthy cells that had regular shapes and were spread out evenly. Our testers also noticed no crystallisation in the cells.

Feedback From Testers

Feedback from the testers revealed that the subject’s blood had become considerably healthier since using Blushield products. Inflammation and oxidation levels decreased, while indicators also showed the volunteer’s immune system was recovering. The testers noted that the improvement was all the more remarkable considering the subject made no other changes to their lifestyle and that they were suffering from a cold during the second test.